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I started blogging on Legal Nomads in 2008, and over time I grew a wonderful community of people with varying experiences. Some came to my site because of my celiac guides, others because of my travels, and more recently because of chronic pain.

In recent years, since being disabled by a spinal CSF leak, my readers have been a wonderful support at a time I can’t work like I used to. It was my community who asked for a Patreon membership, and also asked for a newsletter for the links I shared elsewhere.

substack newsletter jodi ettenberg
Monthly newsletter: sharing the best things I read that month
patreon jodi ettenberg
Patreon membership: learn more about chronic pain and CSF leak
legal nomads: gluten free travel, life after law, and travel stories
Life after law, travel stories, and gluten free country guides.

Curious About Everything is the monthly newsletter, where I round up the most thought-provoking and interesting reads from the prior month.

My Patreon membership is where I write more personal things, with updates and photos from my very different life. I also answer people’s questions about chronic pain, grief, and life changes.

And Legal Nomads is where I have all of the misadventures, guides, and photography from a decade of round the world travel, as well as a long resource page for people who want to leave the practice of law for something different.

I hope one of them appeals to you.


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