The Way Through Podcast

When I first became disabled in 2017, I wasn’t able to write or read, or even find words properly to speak. Over time, as my body adjusted to a chronic spinal cerebrospinal (CSF) leak, I was able to add in some typing hours in the morning, when my pain is at its lowest point, and the rest with my thumbs from bed.

I realized that it’s the act of typing, or writing by hand, that seems to help my brain formulate and pour out creative thoughts. Thumb typing, or voice to text, just don’t seem to cut it. The solution, I thought, was to have a podcast where I could talk about all of the big life changes we go through as humans, and how we find our way through.

the way through podcast jodi ettenberg

For now, I haven’t been well enough to do so. It’s still a plan, though, and a hope for the future. I get so many questions about how to navigated the world of chronic pain and illness, and the mental mindset required to even find joy again. People want to know how to thrive despite of a diagnosis that has no prognosis of being ‘cured’.

Though these are all hard questions, they’re important questions, questions that are so very human to ask and want answers to in the unbearableness of big life changes. For now, I answer them in writing on my Patreon but I hope to be able to do so in audio form soon enough.


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